The Heart of a Horse at Play

Horses Tampa Bay

The Rain broke over Tampa Bay So the Horses and Ponies  Could Play

The Tampa Bay Area has been having so much rain over the past weeks that the horses have been spending a a great deal of time indoors. I got these pictures after they had to stay inside overnight so they had some extra energy.

Running horses

Horses running together brings there relationships closer

When They are not working horses are just like us they love socializing. They need just as much rest and free time as we do. Which is why we make sure are Our horses have plenty of free time to hang out and be horses.

power of a horse

Respect is demanded and trust is earned to unlock the heart of a horse

When is comes to horse there is no segregation, it does not matter your size, color or species. Any one or anything can connect with a horse. All that matters is that the individual give each horses the respect it deserves and take the time to earn its trust. Once trust and respect are gained then friendship is created.

Judgment does not live in the horse,

Judgment does not live in the horse,

Horses will play with small or huge horses, young and old. I have seen them play with cats, dogs, people and many other creatures. The heart of a horse is very free and open. Which is why I believe many people are drawn to them.

Bonded kid safe ponies

Many lessons can be learned from the horse- when treated right they will give you there heart

When two horse bond they will not part. the same can be true when people are good to them. If a person puts a 100 percent effort into befriending a horse, the relationship the arises will hold strong and both will learn and grow. The lessons that the horse teaches about respect, trust, and relationships can be fully applied to working with all relationships.

When given a chance any horse can shine.

When given a chance any horse can shine.

Expression is a key part of growth. So when a horse is given a job it is impotent not do crush its spirit. Just like people when overworked horses are to tried to improve but when not given a chance they may  never find the strength to succeed. This way we make sure non of our horses never are over worked but at the same they still have a job.


These Boys love carriage worrk but they also love going on rides and interacting with people

These Boys love carriage work but they also love going on rides and interacting with people


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